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What is it?

About small houses

About Backyard Bungalows

A Backyard Bungalow is a small house in your backyard. They are generally between 400 and 1,000 square feet and are also known as garden suites, coach houses, laneway houses, carriage suites, etc. Certain existing garages/structures can also be converted into suites. Contact us for additional information.

Rental Stats

2018 average rental prices in Victoria


$ 2br rent


$ 1br rent


$ bachelor


Vacancy 1%

Why build a backyard bungalow?

6 Reasons Why People Want Them

Rental Income

One of the main reasons homeowners build garden suites is for the rental income. Imagine receiving an extra $1,500 every month ($18,000 annually) for your garden suite. And imagine using existing equity to finance the build without any out of pocket expense.


Build and move into your Backyard Bungalow and stay in the same great neighborhood you love, without the expenses that come with living in your larger house (which you can rent out).


Seperate but together! Have your parents/grandparents close by while allowing them to maintain their independence and security.

More Space

More living and sleeping space is great for visting family and friends. Especially when your house seems to small to accomodate them. Sleeping in a nice bed is much more comfortable than the couch!


Avoid the time wasted in traffic and lease costs for office space with an office so close to home. We also offer designs that have a suite with a seperate office for those that want an office and a suite.


Continued propery values increases can mean the value of your property increases more than the cost to build.

Why Choose Us?

We specialize in designing and building Backyard Bungalows.

When deciding to build a suite, homeowners are faced with hiring a general contractor, hiring an architect, hiring an interior designer, hiring an engineer, possibly arranging financing, submitting applications to the city, and much more. This costs the homeowner time and money. With Backyard Bungalows we take care of all that for you. You simply choose from predesigned homes and then customize to your needs and tastes. We specialize in desgining and building small homes. From award winning interior designer to exceptional warranty to a complimentary property assessment, we're the right choice.

Contact us today for a complimentary property assessment to see if your property is permitted to have a Backyard Bungalow.

Complimentary Property Assessment

Exceptional Warranty

Award Winning Designer Layouts

Financing Assistance

Designs and Furniture to Maximize Space

Small House Specialists

Our Services

We Specialize In Small Houses


Our award winning design team has designed the most beautiful, functional, efficient, and durable layouts and finishes. From 388 to over 1,000 square feet, we have the perfect design for you. Studio, one bedroom, two bedroom suites with or without additional rooms for office, and many more. Our layouts combined with custom dual purpose furniture, will leave you amazed at how beautiful and spacious your suite will feel.


Our team has over 50 years of combined construction experience. Building homes, space saving renovations, custom furniture and more combined with our efficiency and excellent relationships with tradespersons will ensure your backyard bungalow and experience are both amazing!


With property value increases over the last few years, some households can borrow against their equity to fund a suit. A five year term at 5% on $100k amortized over 25 years is a monthly payment of under $600. We can assit with connecting you with mortgage brokers with experience in financing suites.

"We made over $15,000 in rent this year and the value of our property increased by over $200,000"

Wouldn't this be nice?

What could you be saying?

If you had a Backyard Bungalow


My mom feels safe and secure in our backyard bungalow. She's close to the grandkids yet maintains her indepenence. She loves it!


Thank You!

We rent our backyard bungalow and the rent more than covers the additional mortage. We now have more monthly income and increased our property value.

Rental Income


We built as in investment and our property value has increased more than the build cost. We've rented our main house and now we frequently travel.

Property Value

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The Process

Our simple 4 step process!

  • Initial Property Assessmentment Meeting

    Every city/municipality has differnet by-laws that govern garden suites. We'll do a complimentary preliminary assessment of your property to determine if a suite can be built on your property, the maximum size permitted, and other considerations for your property.

  • Design Phase

    At this stage, we work together to design your perfect backyard bungalow. We'll start with our designs and layouts and customize to suit your exact needs.

  • Build Phase

    With your perfect suite designed and permits in place, we begin the build phase. With our project management overview and trade efficient scheduling, we ensure a pleasant build experience.

  • Follow Up

    Once your build has been completed, we provide you with an overview of your new home - from smart thermostats to tankless hot water to audio visual electronics - we review all your systems with you to ensure maximum efficiency from all units. In addition we provide a comprehensive maintenance manual for your home. In addition, we provide several maintenance packages, such as annual reviews, gutter cleaning, and more.

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